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FullMoon Box - Wonders of life
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  • Pre-order 2 weeks in advance 必须提前2个星期预定
  • Items:
  • ✅红鸡蛋 Red Egg x 2 pcs
  • ✅ 雪Q酥 Snow Q Crisp x 2 pcs
    ✅ 大理石蛋糕 Marble Cake x 1 pcs
    ✅ 特制BoyBoy GirlGirl 曲奇 (Boyboy Girl Girl cookies) x 2 pcs
    ✅ 巧克力曲奇 Chocolate Chips Cookies x 1 Jar

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  • Minimum order quantity is 10 sets.

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  • Best consumed within 6 hours on same day upon receiving.
  • Food must be stored in cool dry place.