5oz Lactation Cookies
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  • 15pcs/ pouch
  • Oats are loaded with minerals and antioxidants as well as dietary fibre to promote good health to mother and baby.
  • Flaxseeds have some estrogenic properties that may help in breast milk production. It also provides healthy fats which are the

Have you heard of Lactation Cookies? Do you know how powerful of lactation cookies to help breast feeding Mother for milk boosting? Check out our video to get the answer now!

Why Choose Our Oatmeal Lactation Cookies

Did you know? According to Malaysia RNI 2017, a lactating/ nursing mother requires an excess of approximately 500kcal daily during the lactation period. In other words, without adequate energy and nutrients intake, breastmilk production will be affected in terms of quality and quantity.    

Thus, in order for mothers to achieve this extra energy intake daily, try consuming lactation cookies, because they are packed with energy as well as nutrients from oatmeals and flaxseed that are known to have properties that induce lactation! Let us discuss a little bit more on the benefits of oatmeal and flaxseed for a nursing mother. 

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  1. “Sweet & Tangy” Cranberry
  2. “Melt-In-Your-Mouth” Chocolate Chip


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